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GCH Loco Motion's Shall We Dance SC



GCH. Loco Motion's Shall We Dance aka Kiba is a gorgeous deep "Serandida" red color.  A natural lure courser, Kiba is working on her coursing titles.  Kiba finished her Championship title at 10 months of age and became a new Grand Champion in 2014!
She was BOS at the Southern California Ibizan Hound Club's Inaugural Specialty April 2014, a 5 point GCH major to finish her Grand Champion under Hound Breeder/Judge Helen Haas.
AM/MEX/INT/PAN CH Ahram's Ain't No Other Man, 5/23/06, US/US [p]
CH Serandida Because I Can, 2/3/05, US/US [p]CH Serqet Castlemaghn Legend, 9/7/97, US/US [p]CH Luxor's Smotare Buckaroo Banzai, 8/6/92, US/US [p]
CH Serqet Scarlet Fox Flame, 7/28/92 [p]
CH Unigus Cassiopia of Olympus, 3/17/98, US/US [p]CH Serandida's Sultan of Cairo, US/US [p]
CH Unigus Aegina, 1/10/93, US/US [p]
CH Ahram's Leave Me Breathless, 5/28/01, US/USCH Imagery Getn' Jigy Wit Ahram [p]AM/ CAN CH Ahram's Abul Howl, 4/16/95, US/US [p]
CH Sarita Imagery Amara, 3/30/93 [p]
AM/ CAN CH Ahram's Lahn of Huntarot, US/US [p]CAN CH Bramblewood's Kodiac, 7/2/93, US/- [p]
AM/ CAN CH Hemato's Cheatan, 2/1/92, US/US [p]
CH Bodean's Six-Pack Tecate, 12/27/07, US/US [p]
AKC/UKC CH Bramblewood's Nor'Wester at Bodeans, 5/16/06, US/US [p]CH Rumbero De Can Pocaroba, 8/14/04, SP/US [p]Bruc D'Espinavesa, SP/SP [p]
Espluga De Can Poca-Roba, 12/1/99, SP/SP [p]
CH Bramblewood's American Idol, 3/9/03, US/US [p]Melqart's Baal, 7/2/98, SP/US [p]
Bramblewood's Creme Caramel, 4/10/96, US/US [p]
CH Ruby's Lil Angel In Eden, 6/22/04, US/US [p]CH Wirtu's Norcal Dude In Eden, 9/28/02, US/US [p]DC Homer de Can Poca Roba, 3/16/01, SP/US [p]
DC Elida's Speck Of Miles, US/US [p]
DC Elida's Gem in Eden, 5/20/94 [p]DC Ghazal Bijobi Miles [p]
DC Redhill's Sierra Elida, 5/22/89, US/US[p]
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