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In Memorium

Loco Motion's Dancin' In The Dark

This page is dedicated to Loco Motion's Dancin' In The Dark also known as Kairos and to his dedicated and loving owners, Lydia Fenwick and Maria Studer.  Some dogs come into our lives and their spirit burns brilliantly, but only for a short time, Kai was one of those dogs.  He lived his life to the fullest and loved his owners with all he had.  His life was cut short due to Idiopathic Seizure Disorder.  

He and his owners fought the hard fight, but in the end, had to say good-bye.  

You are missed Kai, by all who knew you.


candids/kairos7.jpg    candids/kairos5.jpg    candids/kairos2.jpeg

candids/kairos6.jpg    candids/kairos1.jpeg    candids/kairos4.jpg    candids/kairos3.jpeg


Kairos 4/5/2011 to 8/8/2014