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CH Bodean's Six Pack Tecate ROM,CGC, JC

Check out Litters page to see news of Eris's "Fire" litter

AKC/UKC CH Bramblewood's Nor'Wester at Bodeans, 5/16/06, US/US [p]
CH Rumbero De Can Pocaroba, 8/14/04, SP/US [p]Bruc D'Espinavesa, SP/SP [p]Pachini De Queralt, SP/-
Bimba De Queralt
Espluga De Can Poca-Roba, 12/1/99, SP/SP [p]CH Floquet, 1/15/97, SP/SP [p]
Ginesta D'Espinavessa, 11/15/91
CH Bramblewood's American Idol, 3/9/03, US/US [p]Melqart's Baal, SP/US [p]CH Melqart's Baal-Qarnaim, 2/19/96, SP/SP [p]
SP/EUR CH Paloma El Gallinero, SP/SP [p]
Bramblewood's Creme Caramel, 4/10/96, US/US [p]DC Bramblewood's Mondo Gecko [p]
CAN/AM CH Paradise Bramblewood Tarot, 3/25/89, US/US
CH Ruby's Lil Angel In Eden, 6/22/04, US/US [p]
CH Wirtu's Norcal Dude In Eden, 9/28/02, US/US [p]DC Homer de Can Poca Roba, 3/16/01, SP/US [p]CH Floquet, 1/15/97, SP/SP [p]
Neu d'Espinavesa, SP/SP [p]
DC Elida's Speck Of Miles, US/US [p]DC Ghazal Bijobi Miles [p]
DC Redhills Sierra Elida [p]
DC Elida's Gem in Eden, 5/20/94 [p]DC Ghazal Bijobi Miles [p]CH Serandida Spirit of Bijobi, 7/24/86
CH Bijobi Petina D'Dashur
DC Redhills Sierra Elida [p]CH Sin's Escarxa's Stargazer, 9/4/84 [p]
DC Redhill's Sierra Sunset, US/US